Topic 10 Government and the authorities

About Topic 10 The Government and the authorities topic mostly includes law and order, crime and policing, justice and punishment. Occasionally the Task may refer to ways of managing public services, and relations between countries. The Tasks may ask about public policy in terms of funding (Eg ‘How should prisons be run – by governments

Topic 9 Countryside and agriculture

About topic 9: The Countryside and agriculture topic cover social and physical changes in the countryside, rural versus urban lifestyles, ways of using the countryside, and methods of farming including animals and crops. It may seem surprising, but agriculture is actually one of the most common topics in IELTS across the Writing, Reading, Speaking and

Topic 8 Cities and infrastructure

About Topic 8: The cities and infrastructure topic include the organization of urban transport, communications, and housing, trends in city life, social problems associated with cities such as overcrowding and petty crime, the growth of cities, possible future developments in city living, and comparisons of urban and rural lifestyles. This topic is often used for

Topic 7 Global challenges

About Topic 7: The global challenges topic includes economic issues, their impact on people and society,changes in demographics, movements of populations between countries and inside countries, long term trends in population and industry, severe global problems such as famine, drought and malnutrition, and also the possible causes of all these issues, their effects and possible

Topic 6 Healthcare health and sport

About the topic: The Healthcare, health and sport topic includes health problems and disabilities (physical and mental), ways of keeping fit and healthy, diet/nutrition and exercise, ways of providing (and educating people about) healthcare and health services, medical innovations and treatments, the benefits and management of common sports. This is one topic, especially where you

Topic 5 Culture art and traditions

About Topic 5: The Culture, art, and traditions topic include human folklore, ceremonies, and rituals, myths and legends, social customs, traditional languages, dress and arts, the impact of modern life on traditional lifestyles and differences in national habits. Please remember that IELTS will not ask specifically about religion, politics or spiritual beliefs and you should

Topic 4 Nature the environment and energy

About Topic 4: The Nature, the environment and energy topic includes fossil fuels and renewable fuels, climate change, threats to the environment (deforestation, pollution etc) and their effects, the biosphere, and animal life/human attitudes to animals. In this topic, remember to show that you can write in an impersonal, academic way, even if you feel

Topic 3 Children and families

About Topic 3: The Children and families topic include child psychology and development, ways of bringing up children, family discipline, child care, preschool learning, parental roles, family structures and roles (for example nuclear or extended families), adolescence, teenagers and elderly family members. Important: Please remember that the topics are used in different ways in the

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